MBT Elettromotori was founded in 1983, by a businessman with experience in the field. At the beginning the production was based on the electric motor diameter 40.
It is an historical series that was particularly used for revolving aerials, flashing lights and aspiration systems, and then for different applications tied to the spread of automation (such as automatic gates) and the use of actuators and gears.

MBT development has always proceeded at the same rate of the technological evolution that required efficient motors with low tension and energy saving – for example in home automation – maturing gradually higher competences and obtaining always better performances.

Thanks to the partnership with big companies that work in the same field, MBT Elettromotori can rely on organisational experience and know-how, without the quantitative ties of the big series. MBT Elettromotori is specialized in one-to-one relationships with customers who need specific and personalized products.

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